About Us

.The project of Sim Abdideh Beshel Co has been approved by ministry of industry and mine undr No:701/18279 dated on Aug.24/2010
The location of this factory is Beshel Industrial City –Shirgah, Mazandaran,Iran (near Caspian sea).
This factory is establishing  by top managers of Pitch Cooban company.with 30years of experience in this field
.(producing of bolt , nut, screws and wire)
In 15000m2  land with 8380 m2 building ,1600kw electrical power station ,1000m3 Natural Gas station with a high technology laboratory equipments are ready for installation and test running of machinery and Furnace that will be shipped by GWO LIAN through  opened L/C such as: Drawing machines (full line) and 100H2-Gas- Bell type Furnace for spheroidizing of wire(CHQ wire) made by GWO LIAN Machinery Company from Taiwan 
We are producing CHQ wire 300MT(monthly) by exist equipments but in year of 2016 after installation of new equipments Sim
Abdideh Beshel will be able to have of 30000 MT capacity for producing CHQ wire per year